5 Slot Mistakes That Is Stopping You From Becoming An Expert

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5 Slot Mistakes That Is Stopping You From Becoming An Expert. Playing slots are considered one of the classic games at casinos. We know that to err is human, and the mistakes pay off when we sit at slot machines. The money earned can go in vain if the right amount of focus is not maintained while you are up for a slot game.  The road to being a slot expert is blocked by few of these common blunders you are most likely to perform while playing a slot game:

5 Slot Mistakes That Is Stopping You From Becoming An Expert

Slow and steady wins the race

This common saying proves itself correct when you are at a slot machine and playing sensibly even in an online site like Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The caption does not hold when the motto is to earn more without putting up with the rules. It is a wrong belief that the faster you play, the double you earn. The consequences you are going to end up with might upset you. Such swiftness can even make you a pauper. The best way is not only to play slow but to spend as fewer chips as possible.

Don’t waste your time

Everything has a limit and so does a slot machine. Stay conscious and after a good time span of 15-16 spins, make sure to quit the machine and switch to the neighboring table. It is unsafe to stick by a machine that aims at gobbling up all your money and paying nothing in return.

So, the basic idea here is to keep having fun by switching as many slot machines as possible, as sticking to one table for the whole night is dangerous and can have a huge impact on your bankroll.

Luck might deceive you

Being greedy is bad and so is playing with your chances. It is a cloud nine experience to win a huge bonus that brings you home plenty of cash, but it is not okay to be insatiable. It is good if you are wearing your lucky charm, and calling it a night after a great conquer is definitely a good idea. There is always an urge in mind that pulls you to its side compelling you to think – why not? Well, to walk away with gold than to have hands-on nothing fits as the answer of ‘why not’ perfectly.

Plan before hand

There is no way to find out what your casino night has got in store for you. There is no certainty how much money you are about to lose for the night. So, before you leave your premises and decide to walk straight inside a casino, it would be really intelligent of you to have a budget in the head. The budget explicitly meaning the amount of money you have no problem to put in a stake.

You can’t always win

It is multiple times*bad ideas to think that slot machines are going to turn you into a prince overnight. It might happen that you end up gambling all your money hoping for a big win, which is very wrong. Slot machines don’t rain cash and they mostly focus on taking more from you and not offering even a fraction of it. So, the escape plan here is not to play if you do not have time to celebrate your loss.


To turn yourself into an expert of the game, learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat them over and over. Eventually, after a couple of slot games, you will learn not to commit mistakes and then is the time you can hit big and be one of those slot game experts who are sought for advice.

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