5 Ways to Find a Loose Slot and Win Lots of Money

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You want to find a loose slot machine and increase your chance of winning? These are 5 ways to find a loose slot and win lots of money. You have to realize that playing slots machine can make you win at random turn, and you can’t count on the machine to make some certain pattern so you can guess when it will produce the big win. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chance of winning too.

5 Ways to Find a Loose Slot and Win Lots of Money

  • It’s all about timing.

When you are playing at Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website, you can watch the announcement about when the last winning happened and how much it was. You should give it some time before you play if it is just paid out a large jackpot. You don’t want to be the one who ran out cash before the slot hits the jackpot.

  • Don’t leave the game after winning.

When you just won a quite big money from the slot, don’t think that is it. Stick around for a while and see if it still gives you some more winning. Not all of games will stop pay out after they are paid out big cash. Once in a while, it will keep the payout for some nice sized wins.

  • Don’t play the unpopular games.

Avoid the chances of being the one who lose the game for someone else by playing the unpopular game. The more popular games have better chance over losing and giving you the winning you are looking forward to. Plus, these unpopular games tend to not very entertaining and it is often lack of the special features like the popular ones.

  • Don’t play too long.

Some games will make you fall in to its trap by giving you false winning signal. When you are feeling that you’ve been playing too long, but not long enough to loosen the slots, leave the game for a while. Let other player loosen it up for you, and get back to the game in a little while after. Once again, keep it in mind to never be the one who ran out of cash before winning.

  • Play the high limit slots games.

It will cost you extra money to play. But the higher it costs, the looser slots games get. The loser it gets, the bigger your chance of winning. Pay big, win big. However, get extra cautious with your money when you are the regular slots player who wants to switch to the higher limit games as your money will go faster than usual.

Don’t waste your money by playing without planning and strategies. Not all slots games will stop giving money after giving a big win. Stay for a while after winning to get more cash, but leave the game for a while when you are feeling that you are about to loosen the game. Prepare your money for higher limit game to win bigger money.  Those are 5 ways to find a loose slot and win lots of money that you can use. Good luck.

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