Age of Discovery Slot Game with best Cash Denominations

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As the name suggests the game is all about discovering new elements and it allows the players to explore exciting new stuff. Age of Discovery Slot Game with best Cash Denominations the game has various symbols, which includes sailing ships, exotic fruits etc. from newly discovered islands or lands. Moreover, it also has separate symbols for bonus that can be availed by the players along with the their incremental progress in the game.

Age of Discovery Slot Game with best Cash Denominations

The features of age of discovery are better than most of the games that microgaming has to offer.  It has 25 paylines with 96% RTP. Moreover, the players have an option to either play for free or they can play for real money. Overall rating this game has achieved is that of 4.6 out of 5.

The following list includes other features that this game has to offer:

Great Graphics of Age of Discovery Slot Game

The game offers great graphics along with beautiful theme and melodious sounds that develops the player’s interest in the game even more. The game looks even cooler if you play it using the application of Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins on your iPads as the graphics are shiny and bright that have the ability to engage you even more in the game.

Age of Discovery Slot Game with best Cash Denominations
Age of Discovery Slot Game with best Cash Denominations

Low Risks

Low risks means low pay out in the game and high risks means higher payouts in the game. The game offers most of the wins around 6x your bet so that the players are involved in the game and can continue their journey to the wilds. However, the wilds are the ones that have all the major cards that are required in the game. Wilds have a 240x top jackpot to win. Players have a bigger chance to win in this game when they are given an option of “click me”, that offers instant cash prizes.

Symbols and jackpots of Age of Discovery Slot Game

The game offers a range of exotic fruit symbols, which includes ship, gold, coin, papaya, crest, avocado, mango, banana, pomegranate etc. Furthermore, it offers two top jackpots that have a lot to offer to its players. The first jackpot is of 6000 credits and has 5 gold coin symbols. The second jackpot is of 1000 credits and it has 5 ship symbols. Be sure to visit Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website when you want to play for free.

Age of Discovery In-game Bonus Features and cash denominations

Age of discovery has in game bonus features as well that most of the players are usually not aware of especially if they are new to the game. The slot game bonus features include two features wilds and scatter and click me bonus.


Wild is a golden double coin symbol is the wild symbol and has the ability to replace all other kinds of symbols except the scatter symbols. Wilds have the highest value in the game because it gives its players 60,000 coins provided that there are five wilds in a row.

Scatter and click bonus at Age of Discovery Slot Game

The compass that many players of Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android see on their screens while playing is a scatter symbol and if there are three or more then three scatter symbols then the players will be presented with a treasure map. The treasure map marks all the places with instant cash prizes as “x”, however: if the players during their game come across elements like bones and skulls then this means that the round ends. Scatter round allows it players to win up to 32,350 coins during this bonus round.

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