Big Promotions from the Top Live Casino Betting Site

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There are many casino betting sites that you can find on the internet. Among many choices of site, there are two recommended betting site that you can choose. They are QQ808 and QQ882 the best and thrilling online casino site with casino games offer. Both of the sites are Malaysian top betting site which offer Big Promotions from the Top Live Casino Betting Site for the players. As best sites, they gives never-ending promotions as follow.

Big Promotions from the Top Live Casino Betting Site

Big Promotions from the Top Live Casino Betting Site
Big Promotions from the Top Live Casino Betting Site

Welcome Bonus

As how casino site is supposed to be, QQ808 and QQ882 have promotion in form of welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is given for new member who just signing up and becoming a member in the casino. For the welcome bonus itself, there are there kinds of welcome bonus. First, welcome bonus 100% for the slot games. So, you will get maximum bonus of MYR 350 to 25x.

Second, welcome bonus 20% for online casino game with maximum bonus of MYR 300 to 8x. Third, welcome cashback 100% where you can get maximum bonus of MYR 30 to 2x during playing slot games. Those welcome bonus will be very helpful for you to start your career in the casino. It can increase the amount of your deposit so that you can place bet higher and win higher though.

Extra Bonus

These casino shows their concern and care towards the players by giving extra bonus. There are three kinds of extra bonus. First, extra bonus 200% where the player can get maximum bonus of MYR 350 to 17x. Second, extra bonus 200% with maximum bonus of MYR 350 to 30x. Third, extra bonus 150% with maximum bonus of MYR 350 to 15x. All of the extra bonuses can be withdrawn whenever the player wants to. Therefore, when you are facing hard times or difficulties in placing bet, you can make use of the extra bonus to add the amount of your credit. Then, you can play the game and get more rewards.

Rebate Commission

Who does not like rebate? All of you will like it moreover it is about playing gambling. As top casino sites, QQ808 and QQ882 gives their best service by providing rebate commission for the live casino game players. The rebate commission for playing live casino is up to 13%. Not only getting the rebate, the player can also get more reward point which is also profitable for the player. There are five different levels such as bronze or regular, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond with different percentages. If you are able to reach MYR 100 turnover, you can get 1 reward point.

Reward Point Lucky Draw

You can collect your reward point in order to win the lucky draw. You can collect the reward point by having rebate commission or you can also get 1 reward point by reaching MYR 30 turnover. If you are lucky, you can win up to MYR 40.000 every month because of the lucky draw. So, collect your reward point as many as possible.

As top sites, QQ808 and QQ882 provides many big promotions starting from welcome bonus, extra bonus, rebate commission and reward point lucky draw. So, what are you thinking about? Visit and experience the promotions by yourself.

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