Types of Slot Machines to Know

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Slot Machines are the gambling machines popularly in a casino with 3 or more staggers which spin when a button is pressed. With the growing craze of gambling, various types of slot machines to know that are developed. They are:

Types of Slot Machines to Know

Types of Slot Machines to Know
Types of Slot Machines to Know

Single-coin machines

Single coin machines are the first slot machines in the world. They accept only a single coin at a time and give a jackpot of $7.50 to $15 maximum. However, these slot machines are no more found in big casinos due to the more and better versions of slot machines. But still there are some small casinos which have these slot machines and the players can have a good time pass there.


These are the next and most commonly use slot machines. The first multiplier slot machine was introduced in 1987 for the people who wanted to play a bigger bet. Most of the casinos nowadays have these slot machines. This works as follows- if a better bets 1 coin and hits 3 sevens, he wins $5 (say) however, if he bet 2 coins, he gets $10. These machines work proportionally. Now again multipliers are divided into several other categories.

Buy-Your-Pay Machines

These type of slot machines are a bit complex. This machine usually accepts 1 to 5 coins and has different combinations as winners, solely depending on the number of coins inserted. For example, for one coin, if the winning combination is 3 cherries and the player get 3 bars, he loses. So, to increase his chances of winning, he needs to bet more coins. These slot machines are however, not in use anymore because it can be really irritating, if the player wins the jackpot at one coin.

Multiple Pay Line Machines

Ideally, a slot machine was designed with just one ay line. However, later they were advanced and multiple pay lines were added. The manual slot machines in casinos may have 2 3 5 or more pay lines. However, one’s available online may have up to 30 to 50 pay lines. When the player inserts the coin in the machine the light on the pay line glows so as to show that it is now active. It must be noted that having multiple pay line does not increase the players chance to win nor does it decrease it.

Wild Play Machines

Wild Play machines are one of the most popular slot machines nowadays, as they give the player a chance to double, triple or quadruple his winnings. If a winning combination is hit with a wild symbol in it like a diamond, the winnings get doubled. If there are two wild symbols, then the winnings get quadrupled and if the combination has three wild symbols, the player can make his own winning combination.

Progressive machines

Progressive machines are the ones in which 2 or more slot machines are linked together to build up a joint jackpot. Every time a player inserts a coin in any of the connected machines, the jackpot becomes higher until one lucky player hits the master jackpot combination. These linked machines can also be in different casinos or even at online casinos that offers this is Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website.

Big Berthas

These are the biggest know slot machines. They have 3 4 or more reels. They are generally kept at the entrance of the casino as it may attract the new players. However, payout percentage in these machines is quite low.

Multi-Game Machines

These types of machines allow the user to switch among the games without having to go to a different machine. Like the machine may show different gaming options like slots, blackjack, video poker, etc.

Touch-Screen Machines

With the modern technology of touch screen the slot machines were also upgraded to touch screen and they gained a fair popularity, especially those which are embedded under the tables and provide a resting space for the players hand.

Reel Slot Machines

Ideally, the machines were designed with 3 or 5 reels with 20 or 24 stops. However, later they were developed and 4, 6, 8 and 10 reels also came into picture.

Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines, as the name suggests, are the computer software machines that perform everything inside the computer software. There are video slots, which offer bonuses to the players, hence bigger chance of winning.

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