Ways to Win at Blackjack Even if You Don’t Count Cards

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The most popular game in a casino has always been blackjack, due to the fact that it is one of the few games that give the players almost the same chance as the house at winning. Blackjack is popular because it is simple. Almost anyone can design a strategy to beat the game if they have a good grasp of basics. There are some Ways to Win at Blackjack Even if You Don’t Count Cards, which will give people the edge over the casino at winning even without card counting.

Ways to Win at Blackjack Even if You Don’t Count Cards

Ways to Win at Blackjack Even if You Don’t Count Cards
Ways to Win at Blackjack Even if You Don’t Count Cards

Basic Strategy and Comps

Even in the worst condition, if the game is played in Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia with a strong strategy the casino does not exceed 0.8% over the players. A player can overcome this edge by getting back in comp even if the casino tries to prevent it.

Unless a player uses the right strategy, they lose a lot more than what they would lose otherwise. A comp is offered to blackjack player when the casino predicts this higher loss. A comp is offered as a percentage of the losses you have at the table.

All players in the casino are usually rated based on their ability as a player. Either Poor, Average or Superior is the rating given to the players. If you are rated as superior, this means the losses they expect you to have are very low, this reduces the comps you receive.

The pit boss in almost any casino marks players as average skill players. So it is important to use a basic strategy that will get you in the average player rating. Also, the bet rating also needs to be rated higher. This is the amount you bet on the table, if you have a higher bet rating this means the losses you incur have a chance of being higher.  Make sure to make bigger bets when the person on the floor in charge is watching. The person may give a higher bet rating. And lastly, ask for all the comps you earn.

Rebate Strategy

Casinos sometimes run offers such as a return of some percentage of the losses to the player. This is allowed when the player is a high-roller and has to play for a certain amount of time. If the casino has no minimum play requirement, the casino can be beaten to earn money. If the right strategy is used the player can have an edge over the casino.

Martingale System

This is the most famous system used as a strategy to win at black jack. It uses the strategy of doubling the bets placed every time the player loses and the same amount is bet when the person wins. The major issue with the system is that the person will have a good run only if he has a winning streak. If the person is losing, the only way he can gain any money is to win back the money that he lost the last time. This may end up requiring an infinite amount of money, time and bets.

Paroli System

This system is the opposite of Martingale’s System. It is considered as the better alternative. In the Paroli system the betting begins with a minimum bet, bets are doubled every time the person wins. If the person loses they go back to betting the minimum. This method relies on the chance that winning or losing comes in streaks or groups. This means that if the person has a winning streak the person gains more than what he loses on a losing streak. This prevents spending too much on the tables. This method risks the chance of getting the winning streak too late causing the losing amount to sometimes overtake the winning bid. The advantage of this system ensures that the bet will not risk any more than one unit from the bankroll. Paroli also does not need a large amount of cash and the losses are always very gradual and low.


Counting cards take a lot of mathematical and memory skill. The above-mentioned systems are simple to follow and anyone who learns a basic strategy to play blackjack can find ways to earn money when combined with these strategies and a little bit of luck. All the best!

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